From our detox customers

Just wanted to give my opinion.  The Mineral Detox is for real.  I am an immunology specialist in the medical field.  Been in it for 21 years.  I personally know and work with bioscience people and spoke to a microbiology teacher who is an expert in this field.  It is no rocket science as to why the product works.   I did the detox program and I can tell you that I am a completely different person today.  While I am newly finished the detox and may have transient symptoms,  I can now eat the foods that I could not before.  I drink coke again!    I’m sure I’ve spent over 10k in the last 7 years to help my self with herbal medicine.  After spending the dollars and completing the mineral detox, all the bad stuff that affected my daily life is not there.  So I feel it is money well spent.  I feel good!  I know I have my life back.  Please do yourself a favor and get yours back too.  Thanks to all the people at the Mineral Detox Team.


UPDATE UPDATE! First let me say thank you to the Mineral detox team for their tremendous support throughout this whole ordeal!  I will tell you that even though I felt much better 90 days post detox, The support team suggested additional product I immediately got the (20 day booster detox) and immune booster.  I followed their recommendations to the letter.  More detox symptoms came out of my body!  All I can say, is that upon individual situations, it may take longer to boost the immune system for some people.  Mine was 6 months.  This is for real now for the rest of my life, there is a happy ending after all.  Billy



I had some clearing issues after completing the detox resolve organized for me a “booster” detox.  At first, it appeared not to be working.  You suggested a “wait and see” period.

Well, I waited…and I saw…and…jeez!… it seems to have worked!

For some time after my lasst correspondence, I was skeptical.  I still had some red spots, etc.  But ultimately, all has cleared up…completely.

Your product defies current wizdom.  Amazing! I have recommended this to others.

I just wanted you to know that I stand ready to give testimony to anyone who has doubts.  I am indebted to your product and to your willingness to “see it through.”

Thank you!


Bob D

After a particularly stressful period in my life, i was feeling really run down.

I tried everything an anything that i read about: herbs, creams, ointments, oils, homeopathic remedies.  Though each provided some relief, I was still plagued by not feeling my best self.  Then I happened upon this detox!

Skeptical at first, I was soon a believer.  the first administration showed notable results.

I completed the protocol.  I was still having some clearing issues this is when  I contacted the company by email to get advice they said “they will work with me.”  And that they did.

A second booster sent from the support team did the trick.

This is a wonderful product.  But additionally, they are caring and empathetic, doing everything they can to work to help you.

It DOES work! This testimonial serves as an expression of my gratitude.



I just want to thank you for giving me my life back …I thank GOD that I did find you guys…I fell 2million% better…I don’t know how I could have gone on with out you …every one there should be commended for the truly awesome thing your are doing…



I have recently completed the 2 step detox and I am so happy with how i feel after completing it.  Thankyou for giving me hope!!

Again thank you very very much!!!



It’s actually been approx 9 1/2 weeks since completing the Mineral Detox & the results have been tremendous. I’ve done the Mineral Detox now a few times over the years & in each instance, the results have provided tremendous improvement in overall well-being.

For several months prior to the most recent cleanse, something was definitely ‘not right’ with my health & my response was purely instinctive, knowing that the Mineral Detox was what I needed to do.
I now feel a thousand percent better & feel ‘normal’ again. I don’t know what the initial problem(s) was/were, but I knew enough to know that it was Detox time. I can’t thank-you enough for providing a great product.

Thanks Again!!



I’m a customer that has bought your items once and it did wonders I thank you so much for being out here for people that really need the help and have that opportunity to feel great about themselves I appreciate everything that you guys have made for the people that need this product thank you so much it really did work!!!!!



I started the Mineral detox in November 2015 and have waited until now (May 2016) to write a testimony because I wanted to make sure how i was feeling before I wrote. This detox is AMAZING and it WORKS!

I found Mineral detox website I read the testimonies and ordered it right away. I jumped right in. I made sure I drank a ton of water and I exercised everyday.

I had every symptom that is listed on the paper they send with the detox: sudden flu, constant runny nose (I’d bend over water would just come out my nose like a faucet), headache, upset stomach, and I had these sore red bumps erupting all over my body, especially on my scalp.

I finished the 50 day detox (including the drops) but was still having symptoms and felt that I needed to add the Booster and Detox Endo to all of this.

The customer service was fantastic as I sent them emails practically every week because I was freaking out. I did not think that this detox would make things I never knew I had come out of my body.

This detox is the REAL DEAL and I can’t express my gratitude enough to the
team who developed it and the people who work for it.

Have patience and have faith because it works.



Your detox was awesome!!

It gave me my life back!

I never thought I would be the same again.

God bless you all



Dear team.
I must say I don’t usually leave feedback but this time I felt compelled to do so.
During the course of detox I experienced a lot of the symptoms mentioned I continued with the instructions as directed.
When I completed detox I must say you turned me into a believer. This is a real stuff.   The only sad things is that I have lost 15 years of my life and I wished I new about it much sooner when I was still young.
I can say this because I’m still alive and happy for the first time.



First of all I would like to say thank you for the amazing minerals that has given me my life back.  I tried almost everything on the market spending countless amounts of money, but still no changes.  But after doing some research on cleansing the Cells that’s when I found Mineral Detox.  After doing my research I ordered the 50 day cleanse and that’s when my life began to change for the better.  I began using the detox and was in disbelief when I saw the mess that came up out of me! Whoo! All I knew was that it was working!! and working good!! The clearing part was a little rough because I had to work around negative judgemental people, but I didn’t care I just wanted to be clean again.  I stayed at it and after completing the entire detox the clearing began also my mind is so much clearer and focused and I have lots of energy.  I feel better than I have felt in years, I don’t remember feeling this good in a long time.  I may do the booster and drops to ensure I boost my immune system the most I can!

I am so thankful I found Mineral Detox I have my self esteem and confidence back! I’m grateful! Your product has blessed my life tremendously! I will definitely recommend this product to others!

God bless you all a big thank you!



I completed the detox in June 2010 with my girlfriend.  Thanks so much for your product. Thank You, you have made my year! P.S My girlfriend had also been suffering from fatigue and the detox seems to have dramatically help to boost her immune system.